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About GeoLingua


GeoLingua, Inc was created to fill a void in the interpreting service industry. GeoLingua provides premium professional interpreting services to clients who value the services of a high quality, certified interpreter.

GeoLingua constantly meet and exceed the high expectations of our clients. Our clients know that what is interpreted on record by a certified interpreter can make or break a legal case. At GeoLingua, our interpreters are highly qualified and experts in their field. Our interpreters are thoroughly vetted and approved before joining our team. They hold all the necessary professional interpreting qualifications and certifications.

Our interpreters love working with GeoLingua. They are proud to be a part of the GeoLingua team of certified interpreters, who always exceed our clients’ expectations. We care as much about our interpreters as we care about our clients!

We are proud to provide premium interpreting services. We take pride in our high quality work; this is reflected in every interpretation and translation assignment. At GeoLingua, we believe in quality; as the saying goes: “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

GeoLingua provides interpreting services with a technological twist. We’re currently working on simplifying the process of booking an interpreter.

About The Founder

Esther M. Hermida is a certified Spanish interpreter in the Federal and the California State courts. She has over 20 years experience in multiple areas including high-profile cases in the legal field. She is also a simulcast interpreter and has worked on several television programs in this capacity. Ms. Hermida has also worked as a dialect coach for several television shows. Her Spanish rendition is alway clear and easy to understand. Her neutral Spanish voice is one important component of her success.

She has two decades of firsthand experience as a conference interpreter making her a natural choice when consulting, arranging, managing, and coordinating interpreters for large and small events alike.


GeoLingua’s mission is to build lasting and meaningful relationships based on mutual respect with our clients, by using our talent to provide high quality interpreting services.

We are 100% committed to:

Treat our clients with honesty and respect.

GeoLingua is here to create long-lasting professional relationships with our clients by helping them communicate effectively without compromising our own professional ethics.

We promise to keep our talented interpreters happy by paying them a fair market rate based on their experience, skills and certification. They are the backbone of our business. GeoLingua stands by our interpreters and translators who abide by the Professional Code of Ethics, and with whom we have built professional relationships.

Geolingua invites you to try our services